“Photography isn’t just about the end product, it’s about the experience”
– J. J.Beardsley

An established events and outdoor photographer, Josh has photographed many musicians, bands and Theatre companies from The East Midlands in both performance and rehearsal, as well as photographing festivals such as YNOT and The Furthest From The Sea Festival, Derby.

His images have been used for numerous album covers, posters and other promotional materials and published press.

In additional to this, Josh has also worked with local crafters and makers to showcase their artworks and items for sale.

He prides himself on delivering a level of quality both the public and his clients would expect.

A bit about Josh:

After joining Derbyshire Photography group TogsQUAD, Josh became involved with the Derby Arts organisation Furthest From The Sea, mixing his two passions of photography and music technology.

Working with Furthest From The Sea lead to Josh photographing Karl and The Marx Brothers and having his image of Phil Doleman used as the cover photo for Phil’s 2015 album ‘Old Is The New New’.

In addition to events, Josh has also worked with Life Theatre Limited providing rehearsal and promotional imagery and Cryptid Clothing capturing their Spring / Summer season (etc).

In his personal life, Josh holds a deep passion for wildlife and conservation, examples of his nature photography can be found on his facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/JJBeardsleyPhotography

J.J.Beardsley Photography is the perfect service whether your picture is a product or a personal treasure.

For booking, usage or press enquires contact via email or phone:


07498 730389

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