Renaissance Home and Garden Fairs – April

There is a new company in town who are creating opportunities for local businesses who sell vintage stock and create handmade goods.

Renaissance-APR-2015-Fair-11 JJBP

Renaissance Home and Garden acquire spaces and showcase a craft fair like no other. With everything from jewellery to textiles and garden supplies (including plants) all under one roof, it’s hard not to be impressed and spend all you have with you.

All products are of a high quality and the beauty of it is that all the makers are from the region of Derbyshire! Celebrating local designers has become something of priority for Derby with fairs situated in the city centre thanks to Furthest from the Sea and the Cathedral Quarter.

If you would like to take in more designers from further afield then Design@44, situated down Sadler Gate, is the home of all things homemade and open 7 days a week, all year round.

Should you know Derby well then you will no doubt know Markeaton Park, a fantastic family destination for when the summer sun is shinning it’s brightest, and of course it’s famous bonfire celebrations but did you know that they have developed a new craft village? It’s a place for local designers to sell their handmade goods to a wider audience once a month!

Furthest from the Sea will be organising the events there every 4th Sunday of the month from July till November so be sure to check out their website to see which themed event suits you.

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