A Re-Visit to BirdWorld

Back in 2014 a trip was taken to Farnham to visit BirdWord… And what a place it was! I am a huge bird enthusiast so this was just like a science school trip where I could learn as much as possible about nearly every bird possible! Click here to check out the first pictures that were edited from our trip.

My girlfriend and I have 7 parrots: 6 Lovebirds and 1 Senegal. We had hand reared the Lovebirds over 2 years ago when our first pair decided it would be a good idea to breed… With being up in Huddersfield studying I only have space for Eddie the Senegal but the others are at my girlfriend’s house. There is also another Lovebird living with ours who is from one of the broods that belongs to her sister – not crazy bird people at all. Here is a Black Masked Fischer Lovebird we saw at BirdWorld: Bird-Lan-2015-EDIT-14

Bird-Lan-2015-EDIT-15 We saw penguins

Made friends with a very ‘wild’ bird – we got to tickle him! Bird-Lan-2015-EDIT-16 The day didn’t come without the rain of course:

Finally we went in to a space that housed LOTS of Finch and Budgies, even the odd Dove…

All in all a great experience but still sad to sad to see animals locked up even if they were bred there… The road and interest to conservation has begun. Till next time! J.J.Beardsley Some extras to finish off with:

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